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 : (#01) Ferling - 48 Famous Studies : TOP 10 RANKING: #1 Original Ferling studies. Two studies each (slow and fast) in each major and minor key...$8.95
 : (#02) Creston - Sonata : TOP 10 RANKING: #2 The Creston (1906-1985) Sonata remains a cornerstone of the saxophone repetoire...$20.00
 : (#03) Glazunov - Concerto : TOP 10 RANKING: #3 Easily the most famous concerto for the saxophone. A beautiful and romantic sounding work,..$32.45
 : (#04) Bozza - Aria : TOP 10 RANKING: #4 This has become a standard for expressive playing. We have two recording available by Arno Bornkamp (6476) and Harry White (M56843).$14.05
 : (#05) Rascher - Top Tones for Saxophone : TOP 10 RANKING: #5 The first real method of developing the third and fourth octave of the saxophone range...$12.95
 : (#06) Ibert - Concertino da Camera : TOP 10 RANKING: #6 One of the most-often played gems of the literature. Scored for alto saxophone solo and eleven instruments...$40.90
 : (#07) Heiden - Sonata : TOP 10 RANKING: #7 The Heiden Sonata (1937) is a cornerstone of the solo saxophone repetoire. It exhibits many of musical characteristics of the Hindemith-influence..$19.95
 : (#08) Maurice - Tableaux de Provence : TOP 10 RANKING: #8 Five movements which take the listener on a tour of France. This is one of the most studied and performed works in the literature.$45.95
 : (#09) Milhaud - Scaramouche : TOP 10 RANKING: #9 The Scaramouche is a delightful, three movement work that shows the playful side of the saxophone...$14.95
 : (#10.) Bonneau - Caprice en forme de Valse : A fine showcase of the performers technique and musicianship. By the way, it's unaccompanied. One of the best sellers.$14.05

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