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Rascher Quartet Records All Bach CD

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RSQ Plays Bach


The Rascher Saxophone Quartet has a brand new recording!  We are pleased to be able to present this unique presentation of Bach's Die Kunst Der Fuge, (The Art of the Fugue).

The music of Bach has been a central programming pillar of the RSQ  since the quartet's inception way back in 1969.  Over the last 43 years, they have opened nearly every chamber concert with his music, or they have played his fugues as encores after hundreds of concerto performances worldwide.  And for years, the listening public has requested a Bach CD from the Rascher Quartet.  Finally the dream is a reality.


In collaboration with organist Carsten Klomp of Freiburg, Germany, this recording of "The Art of the Fugue" presents the listener with the fugues alternating between the saxophone quartet and the organ, from one piece to another.  Additionally, the scoring of each contrapuntus varies, from the use of the full quartet,  A-T-B trio, A-B duo, S-B-organ and organ alone.  Much thought and preparation has obviously gone into the production of this recording and the listener is rewarded for 66 minutes with the majesty of Bach's music and the sonic splendor of the RSQ and Herr Klomp.


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Over the next few months we will be exploring the Rascher Saxophone Quartet a bit more through interviews and recorded examples.  For now, get this exclusive import, save a little money by ordering within the US, and enjoy this wonderful recording.


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