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Ferling 48 Famous Studies in a new Format

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The publisher Carl Fischer has really been making investments into saxophone literature lately.  We are pleased to offer a new edition of the famous Ferling 48 etudes now entitled 48 Studies for Alto Saxophone, Op. 31.  This new title includes the original 48 etudes PLUS newly composed piano accompaniments to provide a fresh approach to learning these old standards.

The original accompaniments were composed by pianist/composer John Walker and are presented on a CD (mp3 files) for practice or performance use.  A nice feature is that the fast etude accompaniments are recorded twice, once at a performance tempo and once at a rehearsal tempo.  If that were not enough to peak your interest, the piano accompaniment sheet music is included as pdf files.

My old friend Dr. Daniel Schmidt has expertly edited this edition, which includes written study suggestions for the lyrical and technical etudes and a bit of history of Franz Wilhelm Ferling (1796-1874).  I wonder if Ferling, being a contemporary of Adolphe Sax, ever encountered the saxophone?

See this book and all of the Ferling editions in our the online catalog.



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