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Music for Solo Festival

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As spring approaches (think positively) saxophone players from around the USA begin to prepare for their state or district solo and ensemble festivals.  These events give developing musicians a chance to perform for comments and ratings and test out their live performance skills.  Choosing an appropriate piece of music can sometimes be a challenge.  Here are some old and new collections from our online catalog that you are sure to enjoy!  Click on the picture to order.

This "new" collection is basically the "old" Larry Teal book entitled Program Solos, with a few additional titles.  Printed piano and solo parts are included PLUS a play-along CD with all the piano accompaniments that would be suitable for live performance.  Pieces are listed by level of difficulty from Easy to Intermediate.  The Easy solos are not easy enough for most first or second year players.  We have other books for that below.








Another great collection of more difficult pieces is Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player, edited by Larry Teal.  Solo and Piano parts are included but no CD.  You can see the table of contents here.

There is also Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player here.




Here is a collection that I will personally use with my middle and high school students.  Repertoire Classics contains 38 recital pieces arranged by Dr. Lee Patrick.  Dr. Patrick knows what sounds good on a saxophone and knows how to make it sound good through his expert arrangements.

This volume also includes a performance CD of the piano accompaniments.  The piano parts exist as pdf files so you can print only what you need at the time.






Long ago, Sigurd Rascher was asked by Belwin-Mills publishing house to put together a series of solos for alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.  These correlated with the Belwin First Division Band Method in four books.  Now, many of these book one and two solos have been reissued in these inexpensive collections entitled Time for Solos.  These are definitely intended for first and second year players.  Click on the picture to see the alto book 1.  You can easily search the online catalog for the other volumes.


These and many other titles are available in our online catalog.  For younger players, pieces in the "Easy" and "Medium" categories will correspond to first through third year players (typically).  Follow the link labeled Catalog: Literature to browse our offerings.  There are so many really good pieces from which to choose.  Enjoy!

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